Monday, August 4, 2008

Weight Loss Tips - Effective Weight Loss Tips To Help You Succeed


My good friend Vince Delmonte has written an article

for us .

We all know how hard it can be to attain ripped abs.

Read the entire article and follow Vince's advice to

get ripped abs fast.


In today's world, almost everywhere you look people are looking for weight loss tips. Weight loss has become the primary objective of those who are going to the gym. They want to lose weight and they want it NOW. Luckily, there are some weight loss tips that will make this process a great deal easier, ensuring that you can succeed without feeling like you're putting your body through torture.
Calorie Intake
The first couple quick weight loss tips are number one, be sure that your calorie intake is not too extreme. Think about it. Put yourself on a starvation diet and you are just asking for a rebound binge. Sure, you may have great will power and will be able to withhold for a few days, but you will soon cave and when you do, chances are you'll eat a vast quantity of food in response to starving for so long.
If your caloric intake is too low to begin then where will you go when you hit a plateau? For example, a male will be far more successful starting with 2800 calories and dropping 200 calories every 2 weeks as he evaluates his progress instead of starting at 2000 calories and only having one direction to go - starvation which will eventually turn off his metabolism and stall his weight loss progress.
Gradual Progression
Secondly, keep in mind current "nutrition level." Do you really need a bodybuilder pre-contest diet or do you just need to start with the basics? If you begin with a meal plan that is too extreme then you will not be able to follow it and regardless of how well the diet is designed, if you aren't able to stick with it, it isn't going to work very well. My favorite line of mine is, "The best diet that works is the one that you follow." Adopting a more gradual nutrition approach, just like your training, would help with your adherence levels, which would then translate to you being better able to maintain it. One of the best weight loss tips I gave a client who was eating 2 double cheese burgers a day was to start eating one double cheese burger! Why didn't I recommend he eat a steamed chicken breast instead since that is the superior choice? The steamed chicken breast, obviously the mores superior choice would be too much of a change and not create adherence and eventually failure.
Celebrate With a 10% Meal
Another few fast weight loss tips are that you should always be incorporate a "victory meal" to reflect your accomplishment and progress. If you have gone a few weeks without any cheat meals and are dropping consistently then kick back and have a beer or do something that is "rewarding" - just don't get too carried away and don't get back on track. You won't sabotage weeks of dieting with one "victory meal" as long as you don't adopt a mindset that this celebration represents an "ending." The key is to not get carried away and to use this as a reward, refocus and get ready for another 4-8 weeks of hard training and dieting. Consider a "celebration meal" every few weeks and then get back on track!
Smart Exercise Program
Next up, when selecting the exercise program you'll go on, again, be sure not to choose something that's overly extreme. Too much cardio can actually hinder your results, so you'll want to avoid that as much as possible. Three to four sessions a week along with a properly planned out diet should be plenty to get you seeing results. If you are having to do hours a day in order to just lose a pound, something else is off with either your diet (most likely) or your weight training program.
Clear The Clutter
Finally, the last quick weight loss tip to keep in mind is that before starting any diet program, you should rid the house of any foods that could be problematic. If the food is not readily available, it makes it sort of hard to eat it. Consider you home a "haven" and that it's one thing to have slip ups occur outside of your home but not inside of your home where you can control what is coming in and out. Sabotaging your own weight loss success, in your own home, is embarrassing.
By clearing yourself of the problem foods before you start, you overcome a huge obstacle already.
Replace these 'bad' foods with ones that are much healthier and will still taste good, so when you do get hungry, they are what you reach for rather than the old foods which caused your weight gain in the first place.

Vince Delmonte

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ab Exercises- The Best Ab exercises


My friend Vince Delmonte has contributed an article on the
best ab exercises for us today.
You should definitely take notes- Vince is about to launch
an incredible abs program called "Your Six Pack Quest"
guaanteed to shred your abs. Enjoy

When it comes to getting a solid six pack, doing the right ab exercises is crucial. You can spend hours doing needless sit-ups that aren't really going to have all that much benefit, much to your disappointment. Taking the time to choose smart ab exercises will save you not only gym time, but a great deal of frustration as well. In this article we will discuss the best lower ab exercises and the best home ab exercises as well.

The best movements for the abdominal muscles are going to be ones that reduce your overall stability. The reason for this is because this will require all your muscle tissues, even the ones deep within the core, to contract in order to maintain balance. When you perform regular sit-ups, for example, they are really only going to target the more superficial muscles; one that will still help, but not get you near the results you could be seeing.

So what ab exercises are ones that reduce your balance?

Basically, anything done on an unstable surface is going to get the job done. This would include movements such as walking across a balance beam, performing one leg squats, one arm shoulder presses, or bent over dumbbell rows standing on one leg and of course, utilizing an exercise ball for any laying abdominal movement you perform. Working on a BOSU ball and stability ball ab exercises are also excellent options. As long as you have a set of free weights and stability ball then these would qualify as your best home ab exercises as well.

By far the most effective lower ab exercises are hanging leg raises while you use your lower abs to rotate your pelvis which is the secret to performing this effectively. Lying leg raises, lying leg raises on a 45 degree incline and cable crunches are also rock hard ab exercises.

Another area you might want to venture into with your ab exercises are those that utilize heavy weights.

While this will not necessarily get you 'cut' so that all your individual muscles are showing - that takes having low levels of body fat, what weighted movements will do is help further build the muscle tissue and make your abs "pop".

The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolic rate will then be, so in an indirect way, that could in fact help you burn off excess body fat.

Furthermore, doing weighted movements will also increase your strength greatly, reducing the risk of injuries from any other type of exercise you may attempt. Weighted ball crunches with a stability ball on your chest is my favorite home ab exercises.

When choosing when to perform your ab exercises, if you are looking for performance, do them on a separate day from all your other work. Just like any muscle group, you want to be fresh when you do them.

If, on the other hand, you are more just doing them to help build some strength, but more to round out your exercise program, then you should be doing them at the end of your workout session. This will prevent them from fatiguing early, because they are going to be predominately used in all the other lifts you perform (heavy squats for example).

In many cases this rule can be bent though. For example, if a client comes to me and their abs are the weakest muscle group then performing them at the end of the workout makes no sense because they will be pre fatigued from the workout and you will not be able to train them as intensely so prioritizing your abs at the start of the workout can become the exception in this case.

So, next time you are creating your workout and are picking out ab exercises, keep these points in mind. Having good dedication to performing these exercises on a regular basis and then following a clean diet based around raw vegetables and proteins are the two main components to developing that six-pack you're hoping for.

Hope this helps,

Eric Bonilla

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ripped Abs - Get Ripped Abs


Here's an article to help get those ripped abs this summer.

I would say the biggest misunderstanding out there in regards to achieving six pack absis performing endless amounts of crunches to achieve the ripped look.It really isn't your fault. You've been bombarded with infomercials peddling their latest ab gadgets,guaranteeing abs in record time.It's no wonder there is so much confusion in the fitness industry.

You're in luck. I'm going to show you how to get ripped abs - Guaranteed.Hope you're ready to work, because its not easy, but what in life is easy when the payoff is high.The most important aspect of attaining ripped abs is your nutrition.It is often said that your abs are made in the kitchen .
That's great, my abs are made in the kitchen . What foods do I eat?How often do I eat?

Here's the deal- You must consume small frequent balanced meals through out the day,Consisting of a lean form of protein, complex carbohydrate, and healthy fat.You should consume a meal every three to four hours with at least five meals consumed per day. Micronutrients

Let's start with protein. Protein is the costliest of the three micronutrients, and no I don't mean at the check out stand I mean in terms of the energy it takes your body to digest. This is the major reason why you want to ensure you have a lean form of protein in every meal.Another reason for putting protein in every meal is protein helps you build muscle.If you have more muscle on your body you will elevate your metabolism, which means more calories burned i.e. more fat burned.
Needless to say, protein is a very important aspect of your nutritional plan.Select lean forms of protein such as lean red meat, chicken & turkey breast, non- fat cottage cheese & yogurt, string cheese, fish, egg whites, protein powder.

Complex carbohydrates can be split in two groups starchy & fibrous .Starchy carbohydrates are potatoes, oatmeal, bread, yams, legumes, pasta, brown rice.Fibrous carbohydrates are all vegetables & fruitsI would like to see you use starchy carbohydrates after activities such as working out. After workouts your muscles are depleted and ready to vacuum energy to replenish Glycogen stores that have been used for the workout.Utilize fibrous carbohydrates in every meal . Vegetables are loaded with vitamins Minerals , and fiber.An important note to consider as well about vegetables is there is no water retention like there is with starchy carbohydrates. For every gram of starchy carbohydrate there is three parts water, and for someone trying to get a six pack water is the last thing you want to Hold on to in your mid section.

Healthy fats are walnuts, macademia nuts, almonds, pecans , avocados, olive oilHealthy fats are calorically more dense than carbohydrates.This will ensure your energy levels stay elevated.There is 9 calories Per gram of healthy fat vs 4 calories to carbohydrates and protein.Also energy from healthy fat will keep your blood sugar on an even keel. That factor alone is worth adding healthy fat to your nutritional plan.Stable energy levels keep you away from quick energy foods (junk food) when energy levels drop.

Hope these tips helped.

Just remember- Your abs are made in the kitchen.

Eric Bonilla

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

6 Pack Abs

My friend Vince Delmonte world famous fitness expert has contributed article to help us all get the much coveted "6 Pack".

Everywhere you turn, someone's promising the next secret to getting 6 pack abs. Some of these so called 'secrets' have some degree of accuracy, while others, not so much. Deciphering which are the best methods to getting 6 pack abs is going to be critical to your having success with this goal.

The biggest area you need to focus on when trying to obtain 6 pack abs is going to be on your diet. Like it or not, the old saying that 'abs are made in the kitchen', is probably one of the most truthful statements in the fitness industry. If your diet isn't in line, your stomach is going to show it.
So, what should you be doing with your diet?

First, ensure you are getting enough protein. Not only is protein going to form the key building blocks you need to build muscle tissue, but it's also going to provide you with a better feeling of fullness than eating just carbohydrates alone would for example. Protein is more "expensive" than any other macronutrient meaning that your body will burn more calories breaking down protein compared to carbs and fats.

Next, don't be afraid of dietary fat that comes from primarily monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as olive oils, fish oils, a mix of nuts, natural peanut butter and avocado. While it's true that eating fat will increase your calories fast, as long as you keep it between 20-30% it can be one of the best things to get 6 pack abs fast. The important point here is that dietary fat helps keep your insulin level stable, which, when high enough can actually cause fat gain itself.

Furthermore, dietary fat will keep you feeling the fullest for the longest duration in time; longer than both protein or carbohydrates would. Interestingly, some diets high in fat can get you 6 pack abs fast because your body learn to metabolize fat for energy.
So, while you do need to watch it, be sure you are getting some in your diet.

Finally, when it comes to carbohydrate intake and getting 6 pack abs, you want to focus most of your carbohydrate intake around the post workout period.
The biggest reason for this is because this is when your body is going to need those carbohydrates the most and will really suck them up into the muscle tissue. When you eat them at this time, it is least likely that they will turn into body fat.

Additionally, consuming carbohydrates during this period will also help to aid with muscle recovery and repair, so that means less down time from the gym for you.
If getting 6 pack abs fast is your goal than each meal you should consist of 1-2 cups of raw vegetables to control insulin levels, improve absorption of your protein and flood your body with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

So, if you are aiming to get 6 pack abs in the coming months, have a good hard look at your diet. That is the big secret that must not be overlooked if you are to succeed.

Hope this helps,

Eric Bonilla

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bodyweight Exercises


Get ready to burn some serious
calories with Vince Delmonte's Bodyweight
Exercise Workout.

Take a look at these BodyWeight exercises
and get ready for your six pack quest

Dedicated to your Quest for a Six Pack,

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Ripped Abs


Yes, the summer is here.

It's time to grab your bathing suit
and head to the beach.

Well luckily for us Vince Delmonte has just developed
an amazing program called "Your six pack Quest".
guaranteed to get your abs ripped for the summer.
So check out this video, and enjoy your six pack:)

Talk to you soon,
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